Dear Readers,

Welcome to the story of my solo motorcycle journey around India on a Royal Enfield Bullet in 1997. This blog reads from beginning to end, in chronilogical order like all stories. So... scroll to the end for the most current postings. There are dates by the title to help you know when that chapter was posted.

New chapters will be posted the first of each month. This is slower than most blogs but I do not want this site to outpace the publication of my book.

Enjoy.... And let your friends know about the blog.

C.L. Stambush


Anonymous said...

Connie, you have been a great friend for a long time and I've heard many of your fascinating stories from India, I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOUR BOOK TO BE PUBLISHED! You are an adventurer and I have always lived vicariously through you. Your life in India was quite a journey, and I never cease to be amazed by you. Love your Blog....More postings please!!!

desi diva said...

Very cool idea for your Blog!

Jill Wolfson said...

Connie, I am so excited to be reading this mile by mile adventure. You are amazing and so is this blog. It definitely needs to be a book.

Anonymous said...

I too am a biker, I am interested in a new Enfield Bullet, 500cc.

My first bike was a war surplus Harley 45 This was around 1947. So I am a rather old biker.

No, I am an Ancient Biker!

I liked your story - you are on your way to a very adventurous life. Keep at it! And keep us all informed!
Wayne, currently in Arkansas.

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog. I can't decide if you've got balls of steel, or you were plain crazy when you took this trip. But I'll gift a copy of your book to every woman I know.

Don Kyot said...

Brilliant read.

I have no idea of this blog is still "live" nor what happned with the book.

Anyway, linked from my blog... which includes a much more scrappy account of my ride in India.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Italy!
I'm the proud owner of a Bullet 350 Deluxe built in 1990. Every moto-contest is a happening, with dozens of amazed bikers crowded around my Bullet! Everyone knows "she" is a handmade bike and want to listen to "her" noise. That is music, for me!
Hear from you soon!

Roberto FURLAN

jonha joseph said...
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jonha joseph said...


this is simply the best blog ive ever come across. hailing from India myself and all too familiar with its appalling diversity and all the more curious about it, i did a lot of travelling in northern, western and eastern india. on a bike... it wasnt an enfield though but ive had my share of experiences with a bullet. :) This is awesome stuff...cant wait to read more posts from you. If you havent already come across this...check this out-

thank you for a great read and keep on riding!


jonha joseph said...

sorry about the last comment. india's diversity is amazing not appalling. please pardon my twisted english. :)

HarleyBee said...

Hello from Canada...I came across your blog while in a Harley CVO message board. Some of the women who ride are pretty impressed with you, as am I. I lived in India for a couple of years in the late 1990s and picked up a 1980 Bullet while in New Delhi. Though my travels will never come close to yours, I can attest to the challenges you faced. Good luck Connie.

BikerSammy said...

Hey Connie,

Really enjoy reading your story! I am also fond of motorcycling adventure. We have something in common. I will recommend friends on my blog to read your blog. Keep up your good work!

Unknown said...

Bikes aren't pieces of Furniture; Make the World your Home!
I hope not to sit at my Computer for too long!!

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Hello Ms.Stambush,

Nice blog. As ive planned to undertake a similar journey from dec 2010, i was jus searching the web for any tips from travellers who narrate their experiences. great to have found posting.i must say that you've given me a lot more courage and determination to make my trip a reality. Hope to carry out a journal as i ride along. Cheers!

C.L. Stambush said...

Hey, Brian from Canada -- I can't recall if I ever commented on your post, if not, then shame, shame on me. I was thrilled to read that you learned of my blog on a Harley board :) and that some women (and men, well at least one -- you) were impressed with my journey. Bullets aren't technically advanced like some bikes --as you know having owned one, and India is more than a challenge without experiencing it from the back of a bike.

Thanks again for reading the blog.


C.L. Stambush said...

Hey, Celebrate ur Freedom.... I hope you have a fabulous ride like I did, and I'm glad you found the blog inspiring enough. Hey, if I can do it alone why not others?

Where do you plan to go and how long do you plan to be gone. India was so big that I thought it best to follow her outline.

Best of luck and let me hear from you as you go along.


Unknown said...

I think every one like a ride. I like it too . Thanks to share this post .