Stolen addresses

It seems someone has infiltrated my address book for this blog and is sending junk mail to readers. I profusely apologize for this and have taken steps to report the theft to Google. If you are still receiving these junk mailings, please let me hear from you. I'm doing everything I can to stop this.

Again, I'm very sorry for the intrusions.



Mohit Kumar said...

nice work man keep it up...
its really worth spending a moment here ..

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KulaSekhar said...

Hi. I enjoyed reading your experiences of Riding in India. Great courage specially because you had no previous motorcycle riding experience.
Will keep in touch.

C.L. Stambush said...

Hi, Sekar -- thanks for your words of encouragement. It certainly was an experience, one I'm still coming to terms with and learning from daily.


Unknown said...

are you intending on completing the story on your blog?
i only read uptil the travelling to retrieve your bag part. so far it's been really interesting and i would like to read about your entire trip. is that possible?

Unknown said...

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David Smith said...

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