March 2009 Update


I wanted to let you all know that I'm still here although, as you know, I've not been posting anything new. I have been locked away in a cabin on the coast of Maine for the winter, and boy has it been an wild winter. I can tell you that the work on the book is coming along. The book, while the story is the same, is very different than the postings in this blog. I think, hope, if you buy and read the book, when, if ever, it comes out, you will be pleased with the finished work.

Since I have my eye on publishing this work, it will be important for me, in this computer age, to have contact information for readers who want to be kept informed of publication, readings, signings, and any other author stuff involved with publishing a book––which is not at all certain in today's economic situation. Still, it can't stay down for ever.

With that in mind, I you read this blog and want to be added to the list, let me know and one day, when I have a Twitter account, you will hear from me.

Thanks so much for all the loyalty and encouragement you have given me. Without you I am but a solitary writer.

C.L. Stambush


Baron's Life said...

Let me know when the book is out...please

Unknown said...

Thank for sharing this post


Kevin Hakney said...

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